How to setup New TP-Link Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi

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How to setup New TP-Link Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi

TP-Link Deco devices are easy to configure from your mobile device. Deco mobile application will allow you to configure Deco device for first time and later you can change the wireless settings for your devices. in this article, we will explain steps for settings up a new Deco devices using tp link web address. setup tp link

Settings Up a New TP-Link Deco Device | TP-Link Login

Here are the steps to add new Deco application to your home network.

  • As we have explained in above step that you can easily configure your TP-Link Deco device using mobile application so first go to Play Store and install advance Deco application to your mobile device.
  • After that you can scan the Deco bar from your mobile application and this scan will allow you to add a new device to your network.
  • Once a new Deco device is added to your network, you are ready to access login page using 168.0.254 tp link web address. From Deco application you can easily access configurations for your device.
  • There you will need to fill the tplink ID and if you do not have that tplink ID, you will need to sign up for a new account. Remember that creating a new account for tplink is free of cost for all users.

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  • After that you can connect your tplink Deco and home modem device using cable connections. Before you connect your devices, you must remove power supply for your devices.
  • From giving list, you can select the location where you are living.
  • You can then specify a some network details for tplink Deco. You can add a new network name and password. Each wireless device that need internet connections will need to fill these login details for WiFi access. You can later change these details and choose a strong password for WiFi settings.

If you want, you can add as many as Deco devices to your account and access settings for your device using tp link web address. When you access TP-Link Deco dashboard from your mobile device, you can change the wireless settings like access controls and parental controls for your devices.

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