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TP-Link Access point is actually the login window that is used to manage the advance configurations for your TP-Link wireless router. All possible configurations for TP-Link WiFi router can be managed using this default web based window. From the blog session you will see that there are countless settings that can be configured for TP-Link wireless router and you must know that all these advance settings are manageable only if you can make login for TP-Link Access point. We are going to tell you about the complete details you must know if you want to configure your TP-Link router using TP-Link Access point window.

Default Login Address for Accessing TP-Link Access Point: http

Default Login User Name for Accessing TP-Link Access Point: admin

Default Login Password for Accessing TP-Link Access Point: admin

Here are the Steps for Making Login for TP-Link Access Point Window

We are explaining the steps for making login access for your TP-Link WiFi router using address. Remember, you can also use default IP address for accessing the login window for your TP-Link WiFi routers.

  • Configure your computer system in such a way that it can obtain IP address automatically from network router.
  • After making such configurations you will need to open the web browser and fill address in the address bar and hit the enter key.
  • Fill default user name and password for TP-Link Access Point login window.

Default Login Name for TP-Link Router Login: admin

Default Password for TP-Link Router Login: admin

  • After entering these login details hit on the “Enter” key.
  • You can now make all possible configurations for your TP-Link WiFi router.

What Kind of Configurations are Possible using TP-Link Access Point Window

You can manage your TP-Link WiFi settings very easily if you are successfully access TP-Link Access Point login window using the steps we have explained above. Here is the list of advance settings are that easily manageable using TP-Link router login.

  • All status LED related issues for TP-Link router can be managed using web based utility.
  • Open the web browser and fill http // in the address bar, using this you will get login access for your TP-Link wireless routers.
  • Default user name and password for TP-Link WiFi router are manageable using address login.
  • Parental control settings for your home network can be done only after accessing web based utility for TP-Link wireless routers using http // admin page.
  • There a number of models available for TP-Link routers and all these advance models are accessible using http tplinkwifi net address.
  • If you want to update firmware for your TP-Link WiFi routers, you will need to make login for http // web address. After login to your TP-Link WiFi router you can find the firmware update option under advance settings.
  • If you want to configure a separate guest account access for your family members, you can use tp link address and make login access for your TP-Link wireless routers.
  • Using guest account access you can allow the internet access for your guest and family members with some rustications.

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