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http // is used to access web based utility for your TP-Link WiFi routers. Once making login access for tp link wifi router configuration page you can make all required settings for your router devices. If you have purchased a brand new TP-Link router and you want to make login access for http // login address, you will need to fill default login details for once. After that, you can easily change the default user name and password for your TP-Link WiFi router. Also, if you want to configure your TP-Link WiFi routers as access point you will need to make login attempt for http // login window.

How to Make Login Access for Login Screen

If you want to make any kind of configurations for your TP-Link WiFi router, you will need to make login for your TP-Link WiFi router. You can login to your TP-Link WiFi router easily using http // web address. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

  • First of all, you will need to make sure that your TCP/IP protocol is setup to obtain the IP address automatically.
  • Open the web browser at your computer system and in the address bar fill http // login address.
  • Enter login user name and password and access the login window for your TP-Link WiFi router.
  • Hit enter key after entering the login details and you can now manage all required configurations for your TP-Link router.

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Changing Default Login Access for Web Utility

You must change the default login access for your web based utility. Changing the default login is advisable so that you can secure login attempts for your TP-Link WiFi router. You can easily make changes for TP-Link WiFi router login details using the tips we are explaining in below session.

  • Access web based utility using address and fill default login user name and password.

  • After accessing the login page for your TP-Link WiFi router you will need to select “Access Control” under “Management” page. Then go for “Password” option. You will need to old password for one time then type your new password for twice.

  • Click on “Save” button to save all the settings you have made.

These are the very simple and easy to follow steps if you want to change the default login password for your TP-Link WiFi routers. After changing the default login details you can reboot or power cycle your TP-Link WiFi router and make login for using new login details.

Steps to Recover Lost Login Password for TP-Link WiFi Router

After changing the login password for login window you can make sure that your TP-Link WiFi router is fully secure for unauthorized access. But, there are some cases that you forgot the login access password for your TP-Link WiFi router. What to do in that case? There are steps we are going to explain you can follow so you can recover the lost password for your TP-Link WiFi routers login window.

  • First, you will need to enable the login access for your TP-Link WiFi router setup page using login address.
  • After making login access for TP-Link router configurations page, go for “System Tools” under “Advance” option. From there you will need to select “Administration” option and then go for “Password Recovery”.
  • You will need to enable option “Enable Password Recovery”.
  • You will need to enter the “From Mailbox” and also need to fill information regarding SMTP Server. After that, specify the “Mailbox (TO)” where the password will be sent.
  • Click on “save” button at last.
  • You can now check the email addresses you have given for “Mailbox (TO)” field to check whether you have received the password email or not.